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How To Druid


There is a reason our iconic logo is derived from the pockets you find on our flagship product Angulum. These pockets sparked the idea for the brand "druid" and for our suit of products. You can look at these pockets as tiny calibrated spoons in three sizes that you always carry around your neck wherever you are! This is how you make use of Angulum:

Measuring powders

1. Prepare a substance for use with Angulum

When you are using a substance with Angulum for the first Time, we recommend to prepare a d.card for it. Write down the substance name, weigh the amount of a medium pocket and write it down. Then simply write down half of that for the small pocket, and twice of it for the large pocket, because the pockets always double in volume.

2. Decide for a dose and chose a pocket

After you’ve decided how much you want to consume, chose a pocket that is in a safe range to your desired dose, ideally under it. Fill the pocket with your substance.

3. Consume

Now directly consume it or pour it into your drink or food preparation with a calm mind, because you know exactly how much it is.

Splitting pills

Angulum’s sharp blade is made to perfectly split pulls in half. Just put a pill on a hard surface, use the windows to aim, then firmly press your thumb on the blade. Et voila: a perfect cut, always. You can also split a half pill to get a quarter of course.

Jinn & Phil

Jinn is our beautiful container for your most precious substances. Just use it to pour your substance into Angulum for dosing. The easiest way to fill it is Phil, our beautiful funnel that is machine within micron accuracy to perfectly fit Jinn.