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About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower the world to make conscious, self-responsible choices as sovereign people and to remember the importance of intention, dose, and set & setting in regards to these choices.

This means that we support our customers with our products to find their own rituals and deliver a new attitude and aesthetic to the community of conscious consumers. They know best if they want to consume, they know best why they want to consume, they know best what they want to consume, and they know best how much they want to consume.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality, sustainably made, and most aesthetically designed products in the industry.

This means we will always choose the highest quality manufacturers and suppliers, with the highest ethical standards, regarding their workforce and the environment. We will always strive to improve our products and never sit with "good enough" - because our customers deserve products that honor their journey, and honor their choices.

Our Story

For us, Black Rock Desert is not just a place where once a year a community of dreamers meet. It is the environment where, in 2016, the inception of Druid took place.

It was there, where after an ecstatic night with music from Goldcap, our founder witnessed some people consuming powdered substances (he thought maybe Vitamin C or magnesium?) by eyeballing little heaps in their hands. "That's odd," he thought, "eyeballing supplements in the dessert will get you on the toilet instead of back on the dance floor, why are we still consuming like this in 2016? What about intention, dose, and set & setting?" At this moment he got inspired to find a way that this is not the way people do it in the years to come.
The next week on the playa the plan crystallized: He decided to design and manufacture instruments one can always carry, that allow you to estimate amounts of powdered substances, and that are beautifully designed reminders to think about intention, dose and set & setting. Instruments that express a mindset and attitude of conscious choices over impetuosity.

After one year of CAD design, learning CAM and CNC machining, making more than a hundred design iterations and countless physical prototypes, we had the first design prototypes of Angulum in our hands. In 2017, we took it back to it's birthplace, a festival in the Black Rock Desert, to test it with the community. It was received with so much love and such a clear YES, we decided to make the leap and found "Druid".


The Team

Lennart (aka "the Druid"), Founder

Lennart is on a mission to make the world a more conscious and self-responsible place. He is a Burner by heart and is interested in cultural transformation, new social narratives, human connection, and integral theory. 



We are looking for driven and passionate people to join our mission! If our vision is calling you, contact us today and help us change the way we treat choices and self-responsibility.