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Will Angulum give me accurate measurements of any powder?

No! Angulum is not a substitute for a (mg) scale! It is a tool to help you avoid eyeballing and give you more reasonable estimates. If you need accurate measurements, definitely go for a scale!
What Angulum does though, is giving you a theoretical maximum amount for each pocket/substance combination to help you estimate amounts, e.g. if you always want a similar amount of stevia in your tea. The purpose of Angulum is not to give you exact measurements, but to help you find and repeat experiences you enjoy.

Will using Angulum always give me the exact same amount of powdered substances?

No! There are many reasons that can lead to fluctuations in amounts a pocket will give you in combination with the same substance. For example how fine you grind them or how exact you fill the pockets. The Druid will give you reasonable estimates to repeat experiences you've enjoyed in the past!

Can I use Angulum to dose recreational and/or illicit drugs?

No! We do not encourage the use of drugs and Angulum cannot be used to dose such substances! It is meant to estimate dosages of legal powdered substances on the go - like vitamin C, 5 HTP, magnesium, stevia, xylitol and other sweeteners, supplements, spices, homeopathy and so on.


Our products are not intended for the purpose of dosing or storing illicit drugs and were not developed for it. We emphasize that dosing reacreational drugs with our products is improper use and we strongly advise against doing so. Trying to dose drugs with our products is dangerous and might lead to injury or death.
We do not encourage or vindicate the possession and consumption of illicit drugs. Druid is not a drug paraphernalia brand.
Do not attempt to use Druid products to measure prescription or otc medicine instead of consulting a doctor. Druid products are not  medical devices. Angulum is only meant as an estimation aide to use for harmless foods and supplements that you know the effects of.