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Back from the dust!

Posted by Lennart Hennig on

Wow. What a week! We are back from from Black Rock Desert and have indeed had a radical ritual on the playa! Thanks to the Angulum, it was a conscious ritual for us! Besides paying tribute to the playa as the birth place of Druid and the Angulum, the visit to Black Rock Desert was also meant to test the Angulum with the community it was originally designed for: Burners and alike. So we made sure to put the Angulum in as many hands as possible and get feedback about the product and it's usability.l


What did we learn?

1. The Druid Angulum excited our friends on the playa even more than we expected, they loved the design and raged about it's purpose. We got reaffirmed how badly our products are needed in these communities. So, the design is final for sure, what about the materials and finish?

2. Burners loved the brass material of the prototype we initially only chose over stainless steel for easier manufacturing of the design prototype. Brass acquires a beautiful patina layer when worn in an environment like Black Rock City. Although it is less durable than stainless, the Angulum resisted the harsh environment and treatment (100°F heat, sweat, sunlight, being worn next to other metal pendants) bravely and didn't get a single scratch or dent. So we decided to actually offer the Angulum and the other Druid products in two material choices: a brass version that is more affordable and sports a beautiful patina that changes it's appearance over time, and a premium stainless steel version in different coatings and colors (gold, rose-gold, stainless, black) that is even more durable and will withstand the most aggressive treatment and will look the same for years!

3. It's time to get these babies into your hands! We have spent twelve months to design, iterate and co-create the perfect products for you, and we can say: it's done! We can start production now!

So what's next?

With the confirmation we received on the playa we will now sit down with our manufacturer and set up production of the Angulum and the Mono in brass and stainless steel and will soon open pre-orders! What is the Mono you ask? Stay tuned for our next blog post, where we will introduce the Mono and give some hints on other products we are working on!

In the meantime, go ahead and join our wait list to secure 10% discount and make sure you don't miss the launch!


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