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Back to where it started: The Druid on the playa.

Posted by Lennart Hennig on

The Angulum

Today is a very special day for us. We are on the road to Black Rock Desert with our friends and the final design production prototype of the Druid Angulum, our first product to be released soon.

Black Rock Desert is not just any crazy place to have a good time for us, it is the place where one year ago, the inception of the Druid took place.

It was here, where after an ecstatic night with music from my favorite DJ Goldcap, I witnessed some party folks taking some powdered substances (I recon Vitamin C or magnesium) by eyeballing little heap in their hands. "That's odd," I thought, "eyeballing supplements in the dessert will get you on the toilet instead of back on the dance floor, why are we still consuming like this in 2016?" At this moment I decided to make sure it's not the way we do it in 2017 and onwards. 
The next week on the playa the plan crystallized: I wanted to design something that people always carry with them, that allows them to accurately enough estimate amounts of powdered substances, and that at the same time is a beautifully designed commitment to quality and a way to express your mindset and attitude of health and reason within your community.
Where it all began
After one year of CAD design, learning CAM and CNC machining, making more then a hundred design iterations and countless physical prototypes, we now have the first final design (although not final material, quality and finish) prototype of the angulum in our hands and are taking it back to it's origin. And that feels unreal!

On the road
In a little over a week we will be back from the playa with a lot of stories, pictures and new ideas.
Then we will go more into detail about our initial product line and what else we have waiting for you. We will also give you a rough estimate about our launch and pre-sale schedule.


Stay tuned!


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